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Musée Franco-Australien de Villers-Bretonneux

Warloy Photos

Warloy-Baillon Photos

« Ne les oublions pas » - Lest We Forget: A collection of glass negatives found in Warloy-Baillon

Warloy-Baillon is a village situated near Albert, it was a rest base for allied troops engaged on the Somme, principally in the sector of Pozières.

A Military hospital as well as an aerodrome were installed here.

Between 1916 and 1918, an amateur photographer that lived in the village immortalized the portraits of these heroes.

Almost a hundred years on, the Franco-Australian museum acquired a series of 400 glass negatives, in their original packaging dating back to the First World War, they were found in the attic of a house in Warloy-Baillon.
The development of the negatives revealed portraits of Australian, British, French and American soldiers but also civilians that came to pose in the garden of the anonymous Photographer.

Today the Franco-Australian museum would like your help to try to identify these unknown soldiers. Here you are a small number of these portraits and the totality of the collection may be consulted on our Facebook page or at the museum.