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Musée Franco-Australien de Villers-Bretonneux


Franco-Australian Museum - Villers-Bretonneux


The Franco-Australian has been open in its refurbished premises since 12 April 2017.

Monday, 24 April 2017 :

Official inauguration of the Franco-Australian Museum. (Invitation holders only).

The museum will be closed from 9.30am to 12.00am. Thank You for your understanding.



Welcome to official website of the Franco-Australien Museum.

Created by the Franco-Australian Association in Villers-Bretonneux (existing since 1959 under the name of “The Franco-Australian Welcoming Committee”), the Franco-Australian Museum (then named The William Legatt Museum), unveiled the April 25th1975, is situated on the first floor of the Victoria School.

Run by the Association, the Museum tells the story of the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War, particularly on the Western Front in 1918.

With a surface area of 400m², totally renovated in 1992, thanks to the Local council of Villers-Bretonneux, Australia and the Regional Council of the Somme; it holds:

  • a reception area with ticket office, small souvenirs shop and tourist information centre ;
  • a big exhibition room comprising photos, uniforms, fire arms, small scale models, letters and personal objects, facsimiles of official documents, etc. ;
  • a documentation area with numerous books on the history of Australia, as well as on the fauna and Flora so particular to Australia ;
  • a 35 seat video room showing, on demand, Australian war documentaries in English or French.


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Situated in the heart of a farming region, the town owes its economic development to hosiery and textiles during the second half of the XIXth century right up to the beginning of the First World War. Now with more than 4,000 inhabitants, the present-day Villers-Bretonneux is primarily concerned with agriculture and has developed its industrial and commercial park.

Since 1920 Melbourne has “adopted” Villers-Bretonneux and in 1984 Villers-Bretonneux was twinned with the small town of Robinvale, State of Victoria, Australia.


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